Pathfinder Kingmaker

Ride for the Cure

Traveled Victor back to the Cleric who reduced the Strength Loss to 2/day
Oleg suggests Bokken, a mad old hermit potion maker

Mirek, Mikmek, Lapis, and Dee Explore Hex 13 and find Bokken, who really likes Chippy
Gives the group the ingrediant list needed to sure Victor
Group sets off at night to explore 21
Find Fireflies, Lunar Tulips and Bacon
Sneak Attack to the Face!
Explore Hex 27, find hidden cache and Imp Stool
Explore 14, find Wolf Cave, and Canis Root
Travel to Bokken’s, finish Cure, Race to Oleg’s
Victor has dropped to 4 STR!

Quest Received: Ride for the Cure

Quest Completed: Ride for the Cure



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