1- New Year

2- Merrymead
During this holiday in celebration of the approaching Spring, the previous year’s alcohol is consumed.

5- Day of Bones
21-27 – Planting week



10- Burning Blades – In larger Cities Only
21- Ritual of Stardust
Festival held in the evening and through the night, where Desna’s faithful sing songs and throw sand and powdered gems into bonfires.
At Oleg’s, we have a bonfire, throw in sparkling sand, and people buy drinks!

3- Archerfeast
Holy day celebrated with archery contests, bartering for livestock, and the courting of women
At Oleg’s, we set up a bullseye. People get a free drink each time they hit the center. If they miss, they get charged!


23- Harvest Feast
Harvest celebration marking the end of many agricultural activities with the coming of winter
23- Swallowtail Festival
Holiday celebrated with storytelling, feasting, and the release of butterflies.
At Oleg’s, Rova 23 is a harvest feast. If we ever have children, they will release butterflies. Trappers will generally come in and we will make a big meal. People either bring something for the pantry or contribute to the meal. I nice big Elk or Boar would be great for the table too!

27- Jestercap
Holiday marked by the playing of many practical jokes; particularly popular among gnomes.
At Oleg’s – Oleg doesn’t like Jestercap. He once had his pants set on fire during a Jestercap day. Svetlana says it as the fastest she ever saw him move!

23- Seven Veils
Celebration of the unity of all races, commemorated by multi-species masquerade balls.
At Oleg’s, you can buy masks Svetlana made. Anyone with a mask get’s ½ price drinks.

13-19 – Winter Week (Second Week of Kuthona)
Traditional feast; time for courting and spending time with friends.
At Oleg’s, their is an abundance of food and drink for sale. Gifts are given and Singles tie a Green Armband on to signal they are of age and available.


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