Character Creation Notes

Character Creation

The Kingmaker Campaign has a need for a variety of skills and abilities.

  • The Survival Skill and Knowledge Nature will be important for exploring the wilds
  • Strong offensive capabilities will help you along the way
  • Eventually someone will need healing, as I try to kill your character!
  • Charisma and Diplomacy will play a role in shaping the kingdom
  • Skills I don’t generally incorporate into the game are Appraise, Handle Animal, Ride, Spellcraft, and Use Magic Device.

Character Creation Help Sheet
This is the Character Creation Process shortened down. Feel free to look through it and start making decisions on the type of character you want to run. You can have lost of it done and ready to port into a Hero Lab Character Generator or we can do it together on the first night.

Pathfinder Character Sheet

A paper version of the Character Sheet, straight from the Pathfinder website. It downloads as soon as you click the link.

Kingmaker Player’s Handbook Free Download
This 18 page PDF describes how the races and classes fit into the world and the adventure you are about to embark on. It also give you background of the area and useful character traits you can use in character creation (one per character). (Follow the link, add to cart for free, and check out).

Character Creation Notes

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